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If you're passionate about evidence-based interventions for neurodivergent people, we'd love to connect with you. Whether you're an educator, researcher, or simply interested in neurodiversity, get in touch through the contact form below.

We are developing software to assist neurodivergent individuals throughout their educational and professional journies. We are doing this by providing the world's first psychologically appropriate, evidence based software for neurodiverse people. Our mission is to revolutionise the way neurodiverstiy is conceptualized and treated not only in the classroom and office, but also throughout society.

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About Us

Meet the Team

Zak Farag

Zak Farag 

Tyler Binney

Tyler Binney


About us

Zak spent his childhood between Egypt and the UK. He never finished school, dropping out at 15 years old, and was once described by his deputy head as “the most disruptive child I have come across in my 40 years of teaching”. Zak hopes that through this project, that he may be able to help those disruptive children, just like him, who have huge potential, succeed on their educational journey.

Tyler is a Californian native, he has an undergraduate degree in astrophysics. One of his fondest memories of his college experience was his first class at college. The professor said at the start of the lecture “that we will change the way you think". Tyler has been able to apply this new way of thinking to Psyquility.

Both Tyler and Zak have been diagnosed with ADHD, and this condition, it is fair to say, has had a profound effect on almost every aspect their lives. However, through their lived experience of this condition, they have been able to apply this experiential knowledge and combine this with the most cutting-edge psychological research to elevate our software.

The Problem

Learn about the wait times and cost crisis throughout our society. 

Current adhd treatments

Understand how ADHD is treated in both a medical and psychological scope. 

ADHD at home

How does ADHD effect your child at home?

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Gain an understanding of what we are developing. 

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ADHD Crisis

The Problem

There is a mental health crisis in our society. Currently, over 20% of the Australian population are taking a medication to assist them with their mental health, with over 40% of people taking a medication throughout their life. Regarding ADHD specifically, there has been a 10% increase in diagnosis of the condition since 2016, and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. 

Currently in Australia, in every classroom there will be at least one child with ADHD. Unfortunately, when looking out the outcomes associated with ADHD, it is clear that the systemic barriers faced by children with this condition are severe with having a lifelong impact. 

Roughly 1/3rd of children with ADHD do not finish high school, this is compared with only 4.4% of children without ADHD. Furthermore, almost 1/4th of the currently incarcerated meet the criteria to be diagnosed with ADHD. However most tragically, people with ADHD have a higher rate of death by suicide. When discussing suicide, it is vitally important to note that there is never one contributing factor, but having ADHD does increase the risk of suicide attempts. 

People seeking treatment for ADHD face significant barriers to accessing the care they need. Currently, the average wait time for a new diagnosis in Australia sits between 12-24 months. Furthermore, the cost for families with one child with ADHD comes to between $1000-$3000 per fortnight. 

Current ADHD Treatment

Currently, the most common treatments for ADHD consist of a combination of medication and therapy. In conjunction, this combination of of interventions is the most effective protocol. However, due to the huge raise in awarness and diagnosis of ADHD we have seen over the past decade, people are, unfortunately, unable to access the car they require.

Our services
ADHD at Home

ADHD at Home

Assisting Neurodivergent Children

Classroom Strategies

We offer a variety of classroom strategies to help neurodivergent children succeed in school. 

Parent Resources

We provide resources and tools for parents to better understand and support their neurodivergent children. 

Teacher Support

We offer support and information for teachers to better accommodate neurodivergent children in the classroom. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Psyquility combines evidence based psychological interventions and synthesises these to create the world’s very first truly multimodal resource for neurodivergent individuals. Not only are we creating a revolutionary intervention, but we will change the status quo. We are doing this by creating an intervention that will be more cost effective, instantly accessible, and gender neutral for anyone who wishes to assist your, and by extension, our loved ones to succeed in their educational and professional journeys.

There is a desperate need for an innovative intervention for neurodivergent people. Diagnosis of ADHD have risen by 10% over the past 8 years, with no sign of this trend slowing down. In line with the United Nations, we believe, that “Education is a fundamental human right. It's the bedrock of societies, economies, and every person's potential. But without adequate investment, this potential will wither on the vine”.


If you believe that our neurodiverse friends and family deserve to succeed in their educational and professional journies, feel free to sign up to pre-register to use our software when we launch in a few months.


All the best,

Zak and Tyler

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